Instead of sitting back and chilling after another awesome winter, we have been working hard to come up with ideas to make sure your winter trip is a great one. There is something here for you whatever your ability. From first turns to trying your first kicker in a great ski resort, it’s all there for the taking.

Look for products such as the “Learn to Ride” board in top resorts around the world! We will offer you the best in powder days and the best fun after snowboarding.

Your first runs on a snowboard do not have to be difficult experiences. Snowboarding has a speedy learning curve. With the right instruction this can really pay off.

By the evening you want to be the one at the bar bragging about your day on the piste, not aching in your room as if you’ve just finished the London Marathon.

By offering all-inclusive packages to the top learn-to-snowboard resorts in the world, your first taste of the sport can be a great one. Receiving coaching from specialist snowboard instructors is vital and means that in no time you’ll be capable of discovering the whole mountain.

Protect yourself on the piste

Wear plenty of lip and sun cream and drink as much water as you can. You are much more likely to get dehydrated at altitude and the sun is far stronger as it reflects off the piste.

Goggles are far more effective than sunglasses as they offer more all-round protection. Make sure they have anti-UV lenses; they will block out all the sun’s harmful rays.

It might not seem like the most enjoyable thing to do, but having a lesson from a qualified instructor is absolutely key. It’s so important to learn the right technique from the beginning to avoid getting into bad habits.


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